Mid-western university (MWU) Is an autonomous and public institution of higher learning with the mission to serve the people of Nepal and enrich the global learning community by extending the advantage of higher education. Established by the government of Nepal with a parliament act on June 17,2010 A.D. under the concept of multi-university system, Mid-Western University is a state supported institution, founded on land donated by the Government of Nepal. The constituent campuses of the university and the Central Administration Office are located in Birendranagar Municipality, in the district of Surkhet, Nepal. At the inauguration of MU’s first academic year 2012-13,various quality programs at undergraduate and graduate level were launched in the field of Humanities and social science, science and technology, management, education and engineering. However the university remains committed to commence new program in the fields of law, medicine and vocational courses on various area on upcoming years. Owing to the notion that the University is a vibrant place where different areas of study are nurtured, the outlook of university itself has to be of the international standards and these areas are highly automatized with the field visit and practical works. On the other hand, currently we are running the civil engineering 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th year classes along with the computer 1st and 2nd year and hydropower engineering 1st and 2nd year. The B.E. in hydropower is first and only one in Nepal. The 1st batch of our civil engineering students are passed out and are currently working in the various field on civil engineering.

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