Some Important Instructions to applicant for filling up the online application form.

Voucher Payment Information

Before registering the form ,you must deposit Rs 1000 in the following accounts in any branch of the respective banks.
408000000206 Nepal Banijya Bank Surkhet Branch
028003061c Nepal Bangladesh Bank Surkhet Branch

  1. Fill the all the field which are marked with asterisk(*).
  2. In the name field, First name, Middle name and Family name must be entered in the respective fields. For example: if full name is Subas Parsad Pathak, then,
    First Name: Subas
    Middle Name: Prasad
    Surname: Pathak
    If there are two words in the applicant’s full name as “Dipendra Pathak”, then
    First Name: Dipendra
    Middle Name:
    Surname: Pathak
  3. The examination center for the entrance exam will be conducted in Central Campus of Engineering, Surkhet and Kathmandu (We will notify the centre). Please contact Entrance Exam Board at FOE .
  4. Telephone Contact number of the applicant must be provided thier own number.
  5. Submit the Date of birth and Permanent address accroding to your identification document.
  6. Applicant must upload recently taken digital photo 300*350 pixel(width by height) of prescribed specification. Please see the photo specification for details.
  7. Do not submit multiple entry, be careful to fill up your form.
  8. After submission, applicant will get a Registration confirmation page.Print this page and keep it with you. Use Registration Number to get your Admit Card.
  9. To get Registration Confirmation Card use your Identification Number that you entered on Registration Form.
  10. Choose atleast one priority. If more than one than choose your priority serially.
  11. Student must be Choose their exam centre carefully. After you get Admit card you can't change your Exam Centre.

Error Correction Charges :
  1. After submission of the application form, if any correction has to be done he/she has to pay the charges.
  2. To correct your data, Contact FOE Entrance Examination Board.

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